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  • Name: Education
  • Symbol Ticker: LEDU
  • Circulating Supply: 217,789,857 LEDU
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  • Coin Market Cap: $1,654,889

Education Ecosystem

Education Ecosystem (LiveEdu) is a decentralized learning ecosystem that teaches people how to build complete products in future technological fields.

We just closed Round I of the LiveEdu ICO with $10M. We are building the Netflix for professional development. You can also describe our ecosystem as the next-generation Unlike existing online education platforms, LiveEdu is not focused on beginners, but mainly intermediates to experts. People learn on LiveEdu by watching how peers build real projects and can also download all project resources and files.


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First decentralized learning network

A decentralized peer-to-peer project learning network for teaching people how to build complete products:

  • icon-programming


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  • icon-design


    • UX Design
    • Logo Design
    • Mobile App Design
    • Web App Design
    • Art & Illustration
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  • icon-data-science

    Data Science

    • Wolfram
    • Data Mining
    • Data Analytics
    • Big Data
    • Text Processing
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  • icon-cryptocurrency


    • Crypto Basics
    • Blockchain
    • Crypto Mining
    • Bitcoin
    • ICO
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  • icon-ai

    Artificial Intelligence

    • Robotics
    • Natural Language
    • Machine Learning
    • Computer Vision
    • Self-driving cars
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  • icon-vr-ar

    VR & AR

    • Mobile VR
    • VR Games
    • Augmented Reality
    • Desktop and console VR
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  • icon-game-dev

    Game Development

    • Unreal Engine
    • Love 2D
    • Game Maker
    • Unity
    • Gamedev
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  • icon-cybersecurity


    • Ethical Hacking
    • Mobile Security
    • Cybercrime
    • Internet of things
    • Malware Protection
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Bringing Professional Development to the Next Level

What makes LiveEdu unique?

We put 100% of our focus on intermediate and higher level online education and foresee partnerships and potential customer bases with sites like Coursera, Udemy & Udacity.

This leaves LiveEdu with no direct competitors!

  • Learning model

  • Live Q&A interactivity

  • Complete products

  • Learning type

  • Decentralized peer-to-peer

  • Content creation cost

  • Content creation speed

  • Target groups

  • Focus on future technologies

  • Flexibility grade

  • Multiple languages

  • logo-liveedu Created with Sketch.

  • Projects

  • icon-check

  • icon-check

  • Real practical, production level work

  • icon-check

  • $500

  • < 1 month

  • Intermediates, experts

  • icon-check

  • High

  • icon-check

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  • Courses

  • icon-close

  • icon-close

  • Theoretical

  • icon-close

  • > $50k

  • 3 months

  • Beginners, intermediates

  • icon-close

  • Low

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  • Courses

  • icon-close

  • icon-close

  • Theoretical

  • icon-close

  • > $50k

  • 3 months

  • Beginners, intermediates

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  • Low

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Latest Project News

Find the latest news about Education Ecosystem

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    9 November 2018

    职业技能培训潜力巨大 区块链能为它做什么?

    提起教育培训行业,很多人第一时间想到的会是义务教育、高考,或者语言类的学习。但对于大部分人来说,这些教育都在你参加工作之前完成了。而中国有句古话“活到老,学到老”——你参加工作之后,又学到了哪些技能呢?目前在职业技能培训行业还没有出现大公司,但美国已经有一家公司在做这方面的尝试。这家公司叫 Education Ecosystem 。

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  • Thumbnail

    6 November 2018


    区块链无疑是2018年最火的概念之一,也成为了投资领域的热门。区块链,Blockchain,本质是一个去中心化的分布式账本数据库。而广为人知的比特币则是区块链在金融领域的杀手级应用,比特币所使用的底层技术就是区块链技术。 全球形形色色的区块链项目如雨后春笋般涌现,区块链+金融、区块链+供应链、区块链+医疗等项目成为了热点。Education Ecosystem,教育生态系统,是为数不多将区块链与在线教育结合的项目之一。

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    2 November 2018

    LEDU Coin Korean and Japanese Communities

    Education Ecosystem now has two more Telegram communities for our token holders and project supporters in Korea and Japan. These are in addition to our main LEDU Coin Community and our LEDU Coin Chinese Community. You can find updates about our project and ask questions in your native language.

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  • Thumbnail

    31 October 2018

    LEDU Telegram AMA

    Our monthly LEDU AMAs will now be held in our Telegram group instead of Reddit. These AMAs will provide our community with an opportunity to ask the team any questions they might have about the project and LEDU coins.

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  • Thumbnail

    19 October 2018

    Helen Tang Joins Education Ecosystem in Los Angeles as Head of Curriculum

    Before I joined Education Ecosystem I was actually spending some time as a writer and editor in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

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    9 October 2018

    LEDU Meetup Recap: Tokenization, ICO Funding & ICO Marketing

    On Thursday October 4th Education Ecosystem held our first LEDU meetup at our office in Santa Monica. The event was attended by over 30 people eager to listen to the speakers present on Tokenization, ICO Funding and ICO Marketing.

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