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How to do Port Scanning

How to do Port Scanning

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  • Cybersecurity
  • Ethical HackingEthical Hacking
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  • Project length: 1h 23m

In this project, I will be discussing the concept of Ports (Transport Layer addressing)and their usage in network communications. Then, I will discuss how to identify any open ports using different type of packets on any given system, and how these are vulnerable against attacks. Port Scanning is one of the tasks done in system vulnerability scanning. Hence anyone with interest in vulnerability scanning or ethical hacking can take help from these videos.


How to do Port Scanning


This tutorial will cover all the detailed related to port scanning. This will include theoretical as well as the practical knowledge. In this tutorial, you will be guided on how to setup ubuntu platform for the scanning of ports. This included the installation of required tools and features. With the help of this tool, you can set up your own system for port scanning of any system present in LAN.

What are the requirements?

  • Network Connected PC
  • Internet Connection
  • NMAP and Zemap
  • And the most important is: the desire to learn

What is the target audience?

  • This video is created for students/researchers, new to the field of information security.
  • Learners who want to learn ethical hacking as the port scanning is one of the steps done during vulnerability scanning during the process of ethical hacking
  • Anyone who wants to have a check on his/her system about how vulnerable his system is.

Project Outline

In this tutorial, the contents are divided into the following sections

Session 1 Introduction

  • Here I would like to talk about what are the ports
  • What is their need
  • How we use then in network communication

Session 2 Packets

  • Different Types of Packets
  • How to use Packets to identify Ports

Session 3 Nmap/ZenMap

  • Installing NMAP/Zenmap in Linux
  • Basic Introduction of Nmap/Zenmap interface

Session 4 Use Nmap/Zenmap

  • In this session we will do some network scans
  • In this session we will do some network scans on Intense and Aggressive Scale
  • In this session will do Real Life Example

In this tutorial, I will be using Ubuntu 16.04 and we will need only Nmap and Zenmap as port scanning tools. but you can use whatever distro you prefer.


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