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protolicious Montreal, Canada PHP Developer


Who’s protolicious! What we did know was that she’s been building working business prototypes on her channel. What we now know is:

Real name: Paule

Alter ego: protolicious

Location: Montreal, Canada

Powers/abilities: Java, JavaScript, PHP



Q: How long have you been coding and what made you decide to learn to code?

A: I have been coding for as long as I can remember! My first encounter happened while I was about 5 years old on a Mac SE using HyperTalk. It opened a world of possibilities and I was instantaneously hooked. I left early on during College to pursue programming on my own terms and have been doing so successfully for the last 15 years.

Q: Tell us about Protolicious.

A: There are a lot of potentially beneficial ideas out there. I want to give them a fighting chance during the early stages by creating minimum viable products using rapid prototyping techniques.

Q: Are you currently working on any projects? Tell us about them.

A: Yes. Since most client projects are in their early stages, I can’t really speak for them. However, keeping itself as a MVP and helping out DecodeMTL with their goal of bringing coding literacy to a wide range of people.

Q: When did you first hear about What was your first reaction?

A: A couple of months ago. I got really curious about how it worked and decided to just sign up.

Q: If you were one of the co-founders what different would you like to do?

A: Live hackathons! It would be awesome to see how people solve different problems in real-time using different tools and then be voted as best projects.

Q: What’s the best thing about What’s the worst/most annoying?

A: Best : Open knowledge between people in different countries.

Worst : Flow of UI, but this is really just personal preference.

Q: Do you have any suggestions/message for the team?

A: Awesome idea. Keep up the good work! 🙂

Q: What role do you think programmers have played in last 50 years or so in the evolution of technology?

A: Innovation.

Q: What it takes to be a good programmer?

A: Patience, open-mindedness, creativity and more patience.

Q: If you were not a coder, what would you rather be? Why?

A: I’m highly interested by renewable energy, probably building eco-friendly homes just because it feels right.

Q: What message do you have for students opting programming/coding as a profession?

A: Get your feet wet as soon as possible! Start from scratch, on your own terms, with a project that truly motivates you. From there on, you will be able to determine whether this is the right profession for you or not- the most important thing in life is being happy and you will probably spend a significant amount of time coding!

Check out one of protolicious’ recent streams: Development Session

Development session

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