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How to Create a Zombie Wave Shooter Mobile VR Game in Unity3D


Intro: How to Create a Zombie Wave Shooter Mobile VR Game in Unity3D

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How to Create a Zombie Wave Shooter Mobile VR Game in Unity3D

  • English
  • Game Development
  • Mobile VRMobile VR
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  • Project length: 11h 46m

This project is for any beginner, intermediate or expert developer in Virtual Reality. The project will cover everything that is required to build and test a complete Zombie Wave Shooter VR application. You are going to be guided through every concept and stages of developing such an application. You will be taught how to set up the environment for development, about the tools you would require to develop such an application, advanced development and scene setup and how to optimize games for the mobile platform. After completing this tutorial, you will be able to make a complete mobile VR application with ease.


Project Introduction:

This tutorial is going to teach you how to use Unity3D Game Engine and Google VR SDK to create a Zombie Wave shooter Mobile VR application. You will learn how to setup Unity3D Game Engine, everything basic of using Unity3D, and basic things you need to keep in mind when working on Virtual Reality. You would learn how to create a zombie wave shooter application. Once your application is complete, you would learn how to debug and test the application and also optimize it for mobile. Finally, you would be able to build and run the said application on your android device.

What are the requirements?:

Anyone who is passionate about developing games and virtual reality can follow through this tutorial. You need no prior programming or development experience but you should know your way around a computer. This is an intermediate level project, so anyone with a desire to learn can follow through and build this Zombie Wave Shooter application.

What is the target audience?:

Anyone with a decent laptop/desktop can join this tutorial and learn. The target audience can be the following: 1. Learners who want to enhance their knowledge 2. Students who want to create awesome projects for their degree requirements 3. Individuals in Virtual Reality or Game Development, looking to enhance their knowledge.

Project Outline

Session 1: Setting-up the Environment

  • Setting up Unity Game Engine and Google VR SDK for Unity

Session 2: Unity Game Engine Basics

Here we will learn about the basics of Unity. These are essential to understanding how the game is developed.

  • Hierarchy Window and Project Explorer
  • GameObjects, Prefabs and Components
  • Scene View and Game View
  • Inspector Window and Console Window
  • Lighting Window and Navigation Window
  • Animator and Animation Window
  • MonoDevelop and Unity Scripting API

Session 3: Virtual Reality Basics and Google VR Prefabs

Here we will learn about what virtual reality is, different extended reality devices, developments in this field and different prefabs offered with Google VR.

  • What is XR, VR MR?
  • Different XR devices
  • Gvr Controller Main
  • Gvr Editor Emulator
  • Gvr Reticle Pointer
  • Gvr Event System
  • Gvr Scripts
  • Resonance Audio and Audio Spatializer

Session 4: Game Setup and Development

Here we will start developing and finish our game.

  • 4.1: Creating Main Menu Scene
  • 4.2: Serialization
  • 4.3: Creating Saving and Loading Game
  • 4.4: 2D Scene To VR Scene
  • 4.5: VR Scene Initial Setup
  • 4.6: Placing Gameobjects Lighting and Entry UI
  • 4.7: Tweening And Parenting Gun To Camera
  • 4.8: Bullet Object Pooling Setup
  • 4.9: Zombie Prefab and Animation Setup
  • 4.10: Bullet and Zombie Physics
  • 4.11: Zombie Navigation using Unity NavMesh
  • 4.12: Game Over and Dead Zombie Logic
  • 4.13: Gamification by Scoring
  • 4.14: Using Save Game Data in VR Scene
  • 4.15: Game Sounds Using Animator Transitions
  • 4.16: Creating Winning Scene and Finishing Setup

Session 5: Testing, Optimization and Build Settings of Game

Here you will learn about the different settings for the game and optimization and testing techniques for Unity.

  • Unity Built-in Profilers
  • Player Settings
  • Quality Settings
  • Audio Settings
  • Building Game


  • Unity Game Engine
  • Google VR
  • Resonance Audio
  • Google Cardboard and Cardboard compatible device


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