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How to create Minecraft like game in Unity: Client side

How to create Minecraft like game in Unity: Client side

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  • Game Development
  • UnityUnity
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  • Project length: 11h 39m

In this project we will be building Multiplayer Minecraft Replica in Unity. We will build the game from scratch, but only the core game logic, in the second part we will be building server side with UNET and connecting the two pieces together.



In this project we will build a Minecraft game from scratch, hopefully you will learn a lot of new things in programming and games in general.


  • Intermediate C# knowledge

Target Audience

  • Game developers, beginners, even professionals who want to learn new approach to the classic Minecraft game.
  • Anyone who enjoys coding even for fun or wants to learn new things in the Unity world.

Project Outline

Session 1: Setting up UI and coding for the UI logic

  • Session 1.1: Placing all UI elements needed for the game
  • Session 1.2: Writing C# Scripts for Player Chat, Utilities
  • Session 1.3: Writing C# Scripts for Inventory, Drag and Drop
  • Session 1.4: Writing C# Scripts for Items, Item Templates and Extensions
  • Session 1.5: Writing C# Scripts for Tooltips and finishing other scripts
  • Session 1.6: Writing C# Scripts for Player, finishing other scripts
  • Session 1.7: Writing C# Scripts for Window Addon, Keep in Canvas, Popup scripts
  • Session 1.8: Fixing compiler errors and adjusting Prefabs in respective scripts

Session 2: Programming in C#, core functionalities

  • Session 2.1: Core World Generator Part 1
  • Session 2.2: Core World Generator Part 2
  • Session 2.3: Core World Generator End + Chunks Generator
  • Session 2.4: Voxels C# Programming

Tools :

  • Unity


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    3 years ago

    Great but I cant earn LEDU to watch all of it

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    2 years ago

    You almost explain nothing what you do. While you talk, you repeat verbally what you are typing, without explanation why you do what you do. Looking at your code is quite instructive, but it would be really better if you would explain UNet, notations, decisions, alternatives, pros and cons ot your choices.