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How to build a dApp on Ethereum

How to build a dApp on Ethereum

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  • Project length: 4h 18m

During this project we'll have a look at the mechanics of truffle.js, and successfully test, compile and migrate a sample contract, and then build a dApp around it. The contract in question will be a voting contract (meaning that people can vote on issues at hand).


What are the requirements?:

This section will cover requirements of programming language, skills viewers should have to understand and follow this tutorial.

  • Have a synced eth blockchain (geth, etc) - rinkeby will be used, you can use mainnet!

  • Familiarity with Javascript

  • Familiarity with Blockchain

  • Familiarity with Ether, Eth tokens and Ethereum, specifically

  • And the most important is: don’t panic!

What is the target audience?:

  • You want to make use of Truffle.js for deploying Eth contracts

  • You want to see how Eth contracts, tokens are configured, deployed

  • You have any interest in the development aspect of crypto

When are the streaming sessions (streaming schedule)?

  • 4:00pm Eastern 9/24/2018

  • 9/25/2018

  • 9/26/2018

Project Outline

Project Overview:

Session 1: Setting-up the Environment & getting started with code

  • What is an Eth contract? What are MEW, MetaMask and other Blockchain interfaces? - synced Eth blockchain (rinkeby in our case), MetaMask - download, setup, backup!, switching among ‘nets - Truffle.js, Installing oher dependencies & started with code - 37min

Session 2: List Candidates for Voting

  • Deployment + Viewing our Public Variable

  • Further code in smart contract + testing

  • Client-side application

Session 2.5 Recreating environment

  • Get to point where we left off

Session 3: Cast Votes

  • Code + Testing + Client-side voting

Session 4: Redo code from Session 3

  • Recreating Success from Previous Livestream Where we Did Session 3 (Code + Testing + Client-side voting for casting votes)

Session 5: Watch Events in the Solidity Smart Contract Code

  • Code, testing, usage of firing events from within the smart contract, then creating our own custom events + Looking at other DApps


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