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Building an application using Hyperledger Fabric

Building an application using Hyperledger Fabric

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  • Project length: 1h 35m

We will learn how to set up hyperledger fabric. We will work on a distributed application called fabcar that carries information of cars. This tutorial will allow you to understand ledger state, chain code and how to transfer ownership or alter state of an object on a fabric ledger.


Project Name: How to Build blockchain application in Hyperledger Fabric

Project Introduction

This tutorial explains how hyperledger fabric works and how to build a simple application. We will also set up the project environment and look at chaincode. We will develop a ledger which stores information about cars and their owners and how to transfer ownership.

What are the requirements?

  1. Linux
  2. Blockchain
  3. Nodejs
  4. GO
  5. Chaincode

Who is the target audience?

This project will help blockchain enthusiast and programmers understand and program hyperledger fabric.

What will you learn after finishing this project?

After finishing this tutorial you will have better understanding of hyperledger fabric. You will learn about state on ledger and how to retrieve and update state of entry. You will also learn how to create a transaction.

Project Outline

Project Outline

Session 1: Introduction to hyperledger and fabric

  • Session 1.1 (Fabric Intro)
  • Session 1.2 (Fabric Key concept)

Session 2: Installing prerequisites

  • Session 2.1 (Installing Prerequisite)

Session 3: Setting up Hyperledger Fabric

  • Session 3.1 (Setting up fabric)

Session 4: Fabric application

  • Session 4.1 (Setting up fabric application)
  • Session 4.2 (Enrolling admin)
  • Session 4.3 (Register a user)
  • Session 4.4 (Query Ledger)

Session 5: Updating Ledger

  • Session 5.1 (Updating Ledger state)


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