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How to build a search engine in Vue.JS

How to build a search engine in Vue.JS

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  • Project length: 1h 39m

We'll build Vue.js based UI for a search appliaction. We'll go from basics to intermediate material in this course. We'll start with a Vue.js template project and change it according to our needs, going through various features of Vue components, communication between components and incorporating 3rd party APIs (the search API). You're most welcome to message me if you have any questions.


Project introduction

We'll build a Vue.js app that's a front end for a search engine of our choosing. We'll cover the basic of vue-cli environment (the absolute minimum needed to run your stuff), Vue.js project structure, Vue.js components and what they're made of, communication between components, and 3rd party REST APIs incorporation.


  • HTML/CSS basics
  • JavaScript knowledge
  • A bit of AJAX

Target audience:

  • You want to build front end apps with Vue.js
  • You're looking to learn a new modern and awesome web framework

Streaming schedule:

Weekly 13pm EST New York time on Wednesdays

Project Outline

Session 1: Architecture overview and setting-up the Environment

  • Overview of elements needed to make our Vue.js app
  • Overview of the environment we're be going to working with
  • A bit of coding: looking into the default template project, see how it will adapt to us

Session 2: Components and and components hierarchy

  • Building the various Vue.js components for our app
  • Putting our components together (also, parent and children components)
  • Making sure components interact well using dummy data

Session 3: Component communication, AJAX search

  • Implementing components parent/child communication
  • Implementing 3rd party ajax search


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