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    21 May 2018

    Education Ecosystem Hires Experienced Data Scientist David Yakobovitch as Data Science Project Manager

    Projects and subsequently the project creators who create them are fundamental for the Education Ecosystem to thrive. Acquiring the best project creators and ensuring that they have everything they need in order to create high quality projects for each category will be the responsibility of the project manager. David Yakobovitch, an experienced data scientist, AI fellow and instructor is joining the ecosystem to fill this role for the Data Science category.

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    20 May 2018

    LEDU 在中国参加的第一个区块链会议 —— 广东金融高新区“区块链+”金融科技产业启动发布会

    应中关村区块链产业联盟邀请,我代表Education Ecosystem参加了5月17日在佛山举办的广东金融高新技术服务区“区块链+”金融科技产业启动发布会以及“区块链+”产业发展论坛。这次活动的主办方是广东金融高新区,协办单位为中关村区块链产业联盟,中国信息通讯研究院,京东金融、蚁米基金。发布会在佛山千灯湖酒店3楼玉兰厅举行。

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    15 May 2018

    LEDU 应邀参加广东金融高新技术服务区“区块链+”金融科技产业启动发布会

    广东金融高新技术服务区“区块链+”金融科技产业启动发布会将于2018年5月17日在广东佛山举行,将有多位行业专家共同探讨行业未来的发展战略及发展方向。 Education Ecosystem 应中关村区块链产业联盟邀请参加此次“区块链+”金融科技产业启动发布会。

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