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Build a real-time chat app using and Angular.JS

Build a real-time chat app using and Angular.JS

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  • Project length: 4h 53m

In this project tutorial, we are going to build a Chat Applicant using Angular and We are going to focus on both learning Sockets and to build a stable functional Chat Application with basic functionality.


This tutorial will cover all the details (resources, tools, languages etc) that are necessary to learn how to build a chat application with Angular 5 and By watching this tutorial you will learn what async functions are and how we can use them to our advantage in order to achieve a responsive fast result

What are the requirements?:

  • Basic JavaScript Knowledge
  • Fundamentals of Angular 2+
  • Desire to learn socket communication

What is the target audience?:

  • You want to learn the fundamentals of socket communication
  • Want to learn Angular development
  • Learn How to build a responsive site

Project Outline

Session 1: Getting-Started:

  • Session 1.1: Installation Guide
  • Session 1.2: Socket Explanation-Example: Simple example over socket communication

    Session 2: Basic Chat Functionality:

    Learn how to implement basic chat functionality to the front and the back end.

  • Session 2.1: Message-Emissions: Back-end message functionality using socket communication

  • Session 2.2: Chat Template Part1: Front-end implementation using HTML and CSS
  • Session 2.3: Chat Template Part2: Minor bug-fix

Session 3: Implementing functionality around the user

  • Session 3.1: Log-in: Implementing a simple login form
  • Session 3.2: Users-Template: Creating front-end user related templates
  • Session 3.3: Logout: Implementing back-end log out and information of all users

Session 4 Implementing Sign In and LogIn functionality

  • Session 4.1: Messages to Users: Implementing directional messages between specific users
  • Session 4.2: User Profiles- Active Users -Demonstration: Implementing user profiles to the back end, track which user is active at the moment and final demonstration of the product


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