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How to Build a KeyLogger in C++

How to Build a KeyLogger in C++

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  • Project length: 3h 35m

A KeyLogger is a program that can capture every key or click that is pressed on the computer asynchronously. In order to get usefull information we will learn how to erase cache, build the keylogger and send the information via email. So at this tutorial we will learn how to create a functional real-life KeyLogger from scratch.


Project Introduction:

This tutorial will cover all the details that are necessary to build a functional KeyLogger for Windows. I will show you all the necessary tools you need to install in order to run C and the necessary PowerShell commands in windows and I will explain to you every technology that is used in this project.

What are the requirements?:

  • Basic Knowledge of C(pointers)
  • Understanding of sequential programming
  • Windows OS

What is the target audience?:

  • You want to enhance your C knowledge
  • You want to learn basic PowerShell
  • Learn how to run a process at the Background
  • Learn how to makefile in windows

Project Outline

Session 1: Getting-Started: Learn the requirements of knowledge and tools and how to install these tools

  • Session1.1: Requirements
  • Session 1.2: Installation guide

Session 2: Cache Removal: What is a Browser Cache where it is stored and how and why to delete it

  • Session 2.1: Cache Explanation
  • Session 2.2: How to remove Cache

Session 3: Building the KeyLogger: What is a KeyLogger, and how to run it as a background process

  • Session 3.1: KeyLogger Explanation
  • Session 3.2: KeyLogger Coding
  • Session 3.3: How to Close Console window

Session 4: Email using Powershell Core: How to send the KeyLogger captured keys through an email using cmd commands and Powershell Core

  • Session 4.1: Introduction to Session 4
  • Session 4.2.1: PowerShell-Email part1
  • Session 4.2.2: PowerShell-Email part2
  • Session 4.2.3: PowerShell-Email part3
  • Session 4.2.4: PowerShell-Email part4

Session 5: Refinement and Presentation: Make some major adjustments to the program in order to achieve functionality, learn how to make it more cross-platform and how to build a makefile in Windows

  • Session 5.1: Refinement-Introduction
  • Session 5.2: Threads-Explanation
  • Session 5.3: Thread-Implementation
  • Session 5.4: GetSystemTime-Explanation
  • Session 5.5.1: Basic Time Controller part1
  • Session 5.5.2: Basic Time Controller part2
  • Session 5.6: Cross-Platform functions
  • Session 5.7: Makefile and Presentation


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