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95% of content on Education Ecosystem is uploaded via video

How to upload videos on Education Ecosystem

On Education Ecosystem you can do both uploading or streaming video. We allow you to upload your initially prepared video-file to your project whenever you want. To do that you simply need to enter your project, click on the button "Upload video" and select the file to upload in the window that will appear.


Register as a Project Creator

Choose a project creator role during Sign Up process.


Create a New Project

Click "Create a Project" on your Profile page or your Hub page and fill in required project information.


Fill out the project description

Fill in required project information and submit the project for approval.


Record your videos and start uploading them

Use our Upload Portal to upload your videos

Project Creator Bible

Here is the Project Creator Bible. Everything you need to know is there. From how to sign up and create a project on Education Ecosystem to how to design an instructional plan, create a splash screen and upload your videos

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Project Creator Articles and Tips

  • TIP: Screen readability

  • Screen readability and audio clarity is important to ensure the best experience for your viewers. Follow these tips for the best quality of your content:

    • - Use dark background color and colorful text
    • - Font size at least 14pt
    • - Use only sans-serif such as Arial, Calibri, Tahoma or Verdana
    • - Keep the aspect ratio of video. If the video on a stream is 16:9 to avoid image stretching
    • - Don't use italic or bold formatting
    • - For layout, use landscape not portrait on your IDE
    • - Desktop at 100% resolution
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