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How to Create a Virtual Pet Game in Unity

How to Create a Virtual Pet Game in Unity

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  • UnityUnity
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  • Project length: 5h 59m

Welcome to this tutorial series! You're about to learn how to create your very own Virtual Pet in Unity. With this series we're gonna hit up the main parts of a Virtual pet, which are: Needs, animations, autosaving, analyzing "time offline" for need calculations, and a minigame wrapper so that you can add custom minigames!


How to Create a Virtual Pet Game in Unity


This tutorial is intended to cover all the requirements to make a functional virtual pet game in Unity. It'll guide you from installation to at the end having a pet which will react to user input, logically increase hunger and love needs, and a way to add minigames with a very simple sample added in this very tutorial.

What are the requirements?

  • Unity
  • Visual Studio
  • C#

What is the target audience?

  • Virtual pets were your childhood
  • Games with idle mechanics are your thing
  • Your heart is a gamedev's!

Project Outline

Session 1: Installations and Definitions

During these sessions we're gonna install the required tools, one of which is a Unity based tool called Animation2D and 2DIK. We'll also create the Unity project and check out Virtual Pet examples, to then scope our tutorial project appropriately.

  • Session 1.1: Installing Tools
  • Session 1.2: Checking Virtual Pet Examples
  • Session 1.3: Scoping our Project

Session 2: Virtual Pet Base Setup

The objective during session 2 is to learn how to create the basic pet itself, including some animations, the controller, needs and satisfying those needs, the passing of time "offline" and some extra fixes.

  • Session 2.1: Pet Controller and Animations
  • Session 2.2: Needs and Backgrounds
  • Session 2.3: Time passing and Fixes

Session 3: UI and Minigame Wrapper

Here we will create some user interface and adapt a minigame wrapper for our future minigames.

  • Session 3.1: UI creation and hooking up.
  • Session 3.2: Minigame UI interface
  • Session 3.3: Wrapping up and Fixes

Session 4: Basic Minigame Creation

Finally we're gonna create a minigame to add to our minigame wrapper as an example

  • Session 4.1: Minigame Definition
  • Session 4.2: Minigame coding and adding
  • Session 4.3: Finalizing and fixing Minigame

Session 5: Recap and further thoughts


  • Unity.
  • Visual Studio.
  • C#


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