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Become a Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant

Become a Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant

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As we continue through the Salesforce journey, we'll be tackling our first Consultant level Certification. This certification focuses on not just knowing the materials but actually thinking through the problem-solving aspects. By the end of the project tutorial, you should know some of the features of Service cloud as well as get you thinking on how to solve a daily problem a service center will have.


This tutorial focuses on a Consultant level certifications. Aside from knowing the materials, we have to be able to think about how can this also be applied in our projects. This is going to be the first tutorial which will require a lot more reading compared to the other tutorials, please make sure to look at the resources attached.

What are the requirements?

Project Outline

Intro video: Become Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant

  • Certification Run Down
  • What's the prerequisite?

Session 1: Service Cloud Consultant Resources

Additional Resources to continue learning. Remember, there are various materials in the cover that cannot be demoed in the tutorials, therefore we put together notes that can be leveraged to learn further.

Session 2: Case Assignment Rules, Queues, Escalation Rules

We will tackle some of the automation offered by Salesforce. Imagine a case comes in and everyone's doing various manual steps to pick it up or escalate it? This is where Salesforce shows you all your business process that can be automated with few clicks.

  • Case Assignment Rules
  • Queues
  • Escalation Rules

Session 3: Quick Actions

This is the Salesforce Lightning version of buttons! Imagine creating a button, but you are not coding! The words No Coding will be used often in Salesforce and this is one of them. We will discuss how to create buttons, and how to have some predefined values in some fields.

Session 4: We revisit on how to customize Service cloud and what are our options. We explore how can we make Service cloud look and work for our needs.

  • Service Console
  • Record Page
  • Utility Bar
  • CTI


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