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How to design a statue of Ares God of War - Maya

How to design a statue of Ares God of War - Maya

  • English
  • Design
  • Art and IllustrationArt and Illustration
  • (1987)
  • Project length: 5h 42m


How to create Ares God of War


This tutorial will cover all the details, steps while we are creating Ares God of War in human form concept. Through this sessions, you will learn how to read references and use them as a guideline, add your own details, create basic armour and give it full majestic look with texturing procedure.


  • Autodesk Maya
  • Substance Painter 2018

IMPORTANT: This tutorial is about Ares in human form( Sort of before he became God type of situation) so do not mistake this model for ones you can see in games where he is already in God form.

Project Outline

Session 1: Creating Arm and Body

  • This session will cover crucial connections between the arm and body that we will create. We will use our reference as a guideline, and we will work on our topology for the best result.

Session 2: Creating legs

Session 2 is all about the legs. So we will work on leg modelling and connecting parts together.

Session 3: Connecting body
Throughout this session, we will work on the connection between two sides of the body and a shape overall in look. We will go through reference and see basic shapes and details that we can cover.

Session 4-4.1: Creating Armor set

Chestplate. We are starting from there and going all the way through in creating a full armour needed for our model.

Session 5: Finishing armour set

This is the session where we will add the final touch to our armour meshes. We will go piece by piece and see if any necessary details are needed.

Session 6: Design finale

Final design session. We are adding extra details to our model where they are needed and we are creating Weapons and Environment scene.

Session 7: Texturing

It is really important to find the right texture sets, materials and lighting for our final mesh. So that is what we are focused on.


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