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How to create Blacksmith Scene for rendering in Autodesk Maya

How to create Blacksmith Scene for rendering in Autodesk Maya

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  • Project length: 7h 36m

This project is about creating a scene for rendering using Mental ray renderer in Autodesk Maya. We will go slow step by step in order to achieve awesome results! Also, we will learn some tools and options that we have never used before such as smart mask and fluid animation and we will work with basics of Vray Renderer.



This tutorial will help you with your rendering skills. We will go through some nice tools that we have not used before in Substance painter and even more we will start working with fluids through Autodesk Maya. The goal is to achieve medium detailed blacksmith scene for rendering and we will go step by step until we achieve this goal. ( From modelling process to texturing and adding animation. )


  • Autodesk Maya
  • Substance Painter

Project Outline

Session 1: The Forge

  • Creating Forge basic shape
  • Creating Forge details

This session is a start off for this project. We will focus on creating the main component of our scene, the forge. The forge will be created by using simple tools and guideline reading.

Session 2: Anvil Creation

This sessions cover:

  • Anvil creation with details
  • Table and it's content ( tools )

Session 2 .1: Detailing process

Through this session we will work on environment details such as floor and walls, positioning everything correctly inside the scene and getting the overall project ready for more details and meshes.

Session 2.2: Stash

This session is about:

  • Additional details to our environment
  • More details over the forge area and table
  • Stash meshes such as barrels.

Session 2.3 : Final details

At this point what we would love to add to our scene would be some nice meshes that will represent the work of our blacksmith and his surrounding. And that is what we are going to do, we will work on canon balls, baskets and materials inside of them that are used for modelling and creating weapons. Also, we will add a few weapons just to give a better presentation of our scene.

IMPORTANT: We are not going to go really wild for this render with a number of meshes and adding a lot of different designs. The reason is simply that we want from our environment.

Session 3: Final design

At this point, we are at our final destination when it comes to the design. We have created an environment, dirt, wood planks, all details needed and now we are just going to give it a little bit of a nicer look and polish it nicely with details such as axes, books, papers and other gadgets that we have missed or left for later.

Session 4: Smart mask

For this project, I wanted to use more texture sets in order to have more control over the certain details needed to be implemented with textures. This session will help you learn how to use:

  • Smart masks

Besides the whole texturing process, using smart masks can really help with saving time and getting great results. We will go through this step by step while we are doing our textures.

Session 5: Fluids

This session is an introduction to fluids that we will use through our next projects. We will be working on how to create nice smoke effects for blacksmith scene as it is most suitable for this scene and we will do that by creating first basic fluid animation using 3D container.

Session 6: Vray and Photoshop

This is the last session and we will work on lights position and rendering settings through Vray renderer. After we place everything correctly, we will move forward to photoshop where we will work on post-rendering details that we can add. This session will teach you basics of Vray lights, standard/universal settings for Vray render and nice photoshop tips for better render quality post render.


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