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How to use NCat in Ethical Hacking

How to use NCat in Ethical Hacking

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  • Project length: 1h 36m

This project is about Ncat and how Ncat can be used in different scenarios of ethical hacking. Ncat is considered to be "Swiss army knife" in the world of ethical hacking, obviously because it has lots of uses in penetration testing. We have tried to cover all the features of Ncat practically with the help of the video series.


  • What are the requirements?

Basic Knowledge of Linux, 3 way handshake.

  • What is the target audience?

Anyone who is interested in Learning Ethical Hacking and have interest towards network penetration testing.

Project Outline

  • Session 1:

Ncat Introduction

Ncat for Chatting

  • Session 2:

File transfer using ncat part 1

File transfer using ncat part 2

Multiple file transfer using ncat

Ncat working in broker mode

File transfer with broker mode using ncat

  • Session 3:

Ncat Access control features

Ncat communication over SSL part 1

Ncat communication over SSL part 2

Command execution using Ncat

Bind and reverse shell using Ncat

  • Session 4:

Ncat as a webserver

Ncat as a webserver with scripting

Simple scanning with Ncat

Scanning and scripting with Ncat

Analyzing nmap scan with Ncat


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