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Best Practices For Making FPS Games

Best Practices For Making FPS Games

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  • Game Development
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  • Project length: 5h 16m


Have you ever wanted to make an FPS game unlike any other?!? Well here is a tutorial series showcasing The Best Practices and Fundamentals of making an epic FPS game!

What am I Learning?

You are learning the practices of making an FPS game, THIS TUTORIAL IS MAINLY AIMED AT UNITY DEVELOPERS!!!

I'm Confused What do you mean?

If you have any questions, any at all please add me on discord!!

I'm Stuck Helppp

It's OKAY!! You can download the full source project if you are a pro member if you need any help message me on discord

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Contact Info

  • Discord:UDTutorials#8365

Project Outline

Session 1: What Engine Should You Use?"

  • Talk About Unity
  • Talk About Unreal
  • Unity vs Unreal

Session 2.1: Multiplayer?, How Story Should Work.

  • Multiplayer, Ups and Downs
  • How multiplayer should work in FPS Games
  • How Campaigns / Story Should Work
  • How To Make a Story

Session 2.2: Ranking Systems, EXP, Skill Trees

  • How Ranking Systems Should Work
  • How EXP Should be earned
  • How Perks Should Work

Session 3.1: Level Design & Assets

  • What is Level Design
  • How should FPS maps look
  • Detailing in maps
  • Use of assets
  • Should you give credit
  • How to give credit

Session 3.2: More Level Design, Objective System, Animation Walkthrough

  • Map Design In Campaign
  • Detailing In Maps
  • Objective System ("C# Coding Tutorial-ish")
  • Animation System in Unity
  • Objective Complete, and Mission Complete System /w Animations
  • Started on Terrain
  • Added Terrain Textures
  • Added Some Foilage

Session 3.3: Even More Level Design, LOD's, Game Concept Document

  • More Detailing
  • More Terrain
  • What are LOD's and How do they work
  • Should you use models without LOD's
  • How to Make LOD's
  • Should Everything have LOD's
  • Terrain Grass & Trees
  • Lighting & Shadows
  • Writing a Concept Document

Session 4: Graphical Settings, Decals, Good Graphics, Post Processing Effects, and Map Finilization

  • Graphical Settings
  • How To Make Graphics Settings
  • Finalizing Map
  • How To Make Graphical Settings
  • How to make Good Graphics
  • Post Process Effects
  • How to make Particles and Post Process Effects
  • How you Can Use Particles & PPE("Post Process Effects")

Session 5 : Build Settings, How To Build, Splash Screen, Main Menu

  • How To Make Build Settings
  • Main Menu Stuff
  • Main Menu UI
  • Main Menu Scripting
  • Level Select
  • How to Add Splashscreens
  • How To Build Your Game

Session 6: Platforms to Build on, and Beta Testing, and Trailer

  • PC
  • Beta Testing, Should I have it?
  • Where can I Publish
  • Steam
  • GameJolt

Session 7 / END : Overview

  • How to make a trailer in sony vegas
  • Talk about Project

Extra : Trailer

  • The trailer we learned to make

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