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How to Create a Billing System in C# and ASP.NET


Intro: How to Create a Billing System in C#

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How to Create a Billing System in C# and ASP.NET

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  • Project length: 9h 54m

This tutorial will teach you the basic requirements needed to create a web-based Billing System in C# and ASP.NET and also get you familiar with DevExpress ASP.NET controls.



This tutorial will cover all the details (resources, tools, languages etc) that are necessary to build a complete and operational web-based billing system in C# and ASP.NET. You will be guided through all the steps and concepts, starting from the basic ones like setting up the right tools and frameworks to the more advanced topics related to the website’s development.

What are the requirements?

  • Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • Basic knowledge of C#/
  • Basic knowledge of MS SQL Server
  • DevExpress (preferable but not required)
  • And the most important is: a desire to learn
What is the target audience?
  • Intermediate Level Programmers in .NET
  • Learners who want to enhance their knowledge

Project Outline

Session 1: Purpose of the project
  • In the first session, we are going to discuss the Purpose of creating a web-based billing system and how it can be used.
Session 2: Tools and requirements
  • Here we shall discuss the necessary tools required to create our billing system.
Session 3: Designing the database
  • Session 3.1: Designing the database Part 1
  • Session 3.2: Designing the database Part 2
Session 4: Creating the Database
  • Session 4.1: Creating the database tables Part 1
  • Session 4.2: Creating the database tables Part 2
Session 5: Creating the Interfaces and Business Logic
  • Session 5.1: Interface layout and master pages
  • Session 5.2: Detail pages and linking them to the top menu
  • Session 5.3: Business logic as a Typed Dataset
  • Session 5.4: Shop setup interface to the business logic
  • Session 5.5: Connecting the customer's interfaces to the business logic
  • Session 5.6: Connecting the product's interfaces to the business logic part 1
  • Session 5.7: Connecting the product`s interfaces to the business logic part 2
Session 6: Creating the worksheet and customer's billing interface
  • Session 6.1: Generic worksheet Interface
  • Session 6.2: Worksheet Interface to enable billing a customer based on categories
  • Session 6.3: Customer's billing cart's data table
  • Session 6.4: Connecting the customer's billing cart data table to the billing grid view
  • Session 6.5: Calculating the customer's billing cart
  • Session 6.6: Adding the customer's invoice to the orders/billing table
Session 7: Creating and coding the Report interface
Session 8: Conclusion and recap.


  • Visual Studio, MSSQL Server Management studio, Devexpress.


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