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Create an Identity Verification Smart Contract

Create an Identity Verification Smart Contract

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This tutorial will cover all the details necessary to teach you how to write a smart contract to verify the identity of a person or an object on the blockchain and ultimately at the end of the tutorial, you should be able to create a proof-of-legitimacy smart contract

What are the requirements?

  • Basic Knowledge on Blockchain
  • Basic Knowledge on cryptocurrencies
  • Basic Knowledge of computer programming (JavaScript, C#)
  • And the most important is: a desire to learn

What is the target audience?

  • You want to build a smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain to prove the ownership of an identity or a digital content
  • Learners who want to enhance their knowledge
  • This tutorial will help the students who are doing their final projects on Blockchain

When are the streaming sessions (streaming schedule)?

Weekly 11 am EST New York time on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Project Outline

Session 1: Definitions and Concepts

  • Session 1.1: What is a Blockchain
  • Session 1.2: What is Ethereum Blockchain
  • Session 1.3: What is a Smart Contract
  • Session 1.4: Why is it necessary to verify your identity on the blockchain

Session 2: What is a Cryptocurrency

  • Session 2.1: What is a Cryptocurrency
  • Session 2.2: The Different Cryptocurrencies
  • Session 2.3: Differences between cryptocurrency and blockchain and how they work together
  • Session 2.4: The Ethereum Address in relation to your identity on the blockchain

Session 3: Tools needed to create a Smart contract

  • Session 3.1: The Remix IDE
  • Session 3.2: Metamask

Session 4: Creating the Identity verification smart contract

  • Proof-of-legitimacy Smart Contract

Session 5: Compiling, deploying and interacting with the identity verification smart contract

Session 6: The Ropsten Network is currently forked

Session 7: Conclusion, Recap and After-Thought


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